Sensorimotor Stage: Tertiary circular reactions: 12–18 months

Tertiary circular reaction in Sensorimotor Stage happens when the baby, learns that process, does a random action, and as a result he decides to try it on another object repeatedly.

Illustrative Example: Tertiary circular reaction in Sensorimotor Stage:

Mikey is a year and two months old. He is sitting in the living room, weeping as usual, trying to get his mother’s attention. His mom, Sandra, is working in the kitchen , cooking breakfast.

 Suddenly, a strong wind entered the house through the living-room windows that were opened and blew away the vase with flowers that was on the table. The vase broke into pieces not far away from where Mikey was sitting.

 Mikey is looking on the broken vase and decide to do an experiment,

he is taking the Glass sculpture, the phone and the glass

in the living room and smash them too.

Mikey is trying to throw the Cushion that was on the sofa, but it dosen’t break.

  Sensorimotor Stage calls mikey’s experiment tertiary circular reactions.

Random Event – breaking a vase, making Mikey repeat the action in different ways.


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